Amsterdam Blonde Special 20oz pint $4.75+tax

(except Friday & Saturday after 6pm)

Mill St - Origional Organic

Brewed with Imported Malt and Hops, this 4.2% German Pilsner offers a light, crisp and refreshing flavour with a clean taste

Mill St - Tankhouse Ale

Tankhouse Ale has a deep copper-red colour. This well-balanced 5.2% Ale is brewed with five different malts with an abundance of Cascade hops

Mill St - Cobblestone Stout

This traditional 4.2% styled Irish Stout has a roasted malt flavour with a hint of toasted walnuts and chocolate in the finish

Beau's - Lugtread Lagered Ale

Golden-Hued, crisp and finely balanced. Lugtread 5.2% is top fermented and then cold aged, this gives it some light ale notes complemented by a lager-like crispness.

Steam Whistle - Pilsner

This 5.0% beer is characterized by a floral hop aroma, sweet gaininesss with distinctive grassy notes, and balanced by a clean, crisp finish and pleasant lingering bitterness

Wellington - Special Pale Ale

A smooth 4.5% Pale Ale that is deep-gold in colour and has an aroma of caramel and toasted grain followed by a deliate hop aftertaste. Available in late spring, summer and early fall months.


Wellington - County Dark Ale

A rich, dark ale that is handcrafted to deliver exceptional smoothness and balance. Modelled after a traditional English brown ale, County Dark Ale uses roasted malts and English hops to create a beer of timeless distinction. Available in late fall, winter and early spring months.

Amsterdam - Natural Blonde

Crisp and Clean, this tradionally brewed 5.0% blonde lager is hand crafted, cold-filtered and non-pasturized.  Resulting in a clean crisp taste with a smooth mellow finish

Creemore Springs - Premium Lager

This classic 5.0% bohemian lager has a brilliant honeyed copper colour and a delicious fresh malt aroma. With a smooth, clean, textured, lightly nutty body and an elegant balance of hoppy dryness

Saporro - Lager

Japan's oldest beer is clear bright and golden with a light foamy head, Sapporo 5.0% has hints of malt, citrus and hop aromas for a clean refreshing taste

Blanche De Chambly

This 5.0% double fermented wheat beer is very aromatic and highly refreshing, citrusy but never bitter